Move beyond theory and find true success and fulfillment


Fulfill the call and purpose that God ordained


Apply God's principles to real world problems for God Powered success

J Randall Gladden

Kingdom Strategist

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Mentor

Randy collaborates with families, ministries and businesses internationally to find success by bringing kingdom principles into real world applications.

God's Power For Life

In a world spinning out of control, what is needed more than ever is a people who understand and apply God's principles. A new generation of leaders & heros of the faith who will be God's instrument.

God established big plans for His people from the foundation of the earth… which is why the desire to achieve is natural.

God’s plan has always been for you and I to be His partners in fulfilling His plan on the earth.  As such we need to understand the unique call and purpose that He designed for each one.

Success is fulfilling the unique call and purpose God ordained for each of us.  All other blessings, are by-products that flow from our living God Powered.

God has given us everything that pertains to life and Godliness.  Application of His principles releases His power and produces hope and life.


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What People Have to Say

I have had the pleasure to meet Randy in a moment struggling with pain and lack of vision. He spoke the right words in the right moment and I was filled with life and faith in that very second.
Vanessa P.
From Madrid, Spain
As a business owner I felt I had lost my momentum and I was having trouble getting motivated. After speaking with Randy, he redirected my focus to a new business identity which was unique to the industry. This helped me rebrand my business in a way that is more definable to my clients and prospective clients.
Mick, M.
From San Diego, California
I've been friends with Randy for over 15 years. He has helped us in our church and in our mission company maneuver through some serious financial and planning situations. Randy has a great sense about him on concepts. He tells it like it is. I would recommend him for your next strategy meeting or group inspirational event.
Darryl C.
I pastor Hope Christian Fellowship in Anchorage, AK and have known Randy for more than 25 years. I have witnessed and endorse his unique ministry. I have watched this true believer help churches where no one else stood for and with them. God Powered is a Holy Spirit divinely inspired tool for the encouragement and edification for the body of Christ..
Chuck J.
From Anchorage, Alaska

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