God Powered

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” 

Find the power and authority to prevail…and succeed.

The more we can understand both God’s purposes and His process, the more we can cease battling in our strength and come into alignment to access His power.

God’s principles have the power to bring hope, transform situations, and produce success. 

God Powered brings the reality of God’s power to apply to life, leadership and success.

Who Is Randy?

Kingdom Strategist

Mentor, Strategist, Entrepreneur

J Randall (Randy) Gladden is an Entrepreneur, Strategist and most importantly Mentor.

He is a former award winning Wealth Advisor where he developed a strategy called “Legacy Wealth”.   Randy has served as a University Guest Lecturer, Media Commentator and Strategic Advisor to organizations internationally.

He is the founder of God Powered, Lord & Gladden and the soon to be launched Center For Legacy.

Randy & his wife Elsie have two sons.  When not traveling they are commonly found in adventures like scuba diving and experiencing life.

Adventures In Living

Adventures in Living is our 501(c3) registered non-profit.  Adventures in Living brings God Powered conferences and strategy sessions to groups, businesses and ministries who would otherwise not have the opportunity.  A portion of membership subscriptions goes to support Adventures in Living.

Donations help us expand the reach of God Powered to impact leaders around the world, increasing their significance and bringing true success.